A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

a broken game (demo) about broken things

join max and emily on this surreal journey by the creators of absolutely nothing before this. waking up in a mysterious cell with no recollection of how they got there, our dynamic duo begin their escape from this odd place called the other region. along the way, they meet (at least in this demo) a philosophizing robot that plays golf, a man with a hunger for televisions, a rather unpleasant factory, and lots and lots of bananas. along the way, they grow connected and learn more about themselves and each other blah blah blah. but will this be enough to escape from the grasp of the bizarre and evil forces within the other region?

complete with an atmospheric soundtrack, witty dialogue, surreal imagery, a uniquely expressionistic art style inspired by my inability to draw, and a rather terrible 720p resolution, ink spots (demo) is sure to be an experience that’ll make you say, “wow, that sure was an experience” 

demo version contains only the first out of several routes; reading through will take about an hour or two, though my ocd prevents me from reading quicker than a snail’s pace, so it may take quicker for others

contains some goshdarn swearin, as well as some violent imagery which may be upsetting to some (i know it's upsetting to me at least); you'll also see someone's booty for about a second in a non-sexual context

written and programmed by inunonaizo

music by inu with extra sounds by the diaper daddies

art direction precariously by inu + pexels.com for the single stock image in this that i probably won’t actually use in the final product

thanks to all the folks at freesound.org who put a creative commons license on their sound files

actual thanks to gra noo and sad nick

game will probably be finished sometime early next year, but we’ll see


ink_spots-demo-pc.zip 65 MB
ink_spots-demo-mac.zip 49 MB

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