A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Relatable Dating Sim for Relatable Gamers!

Prepare for the most relatable dating experience of 2018! Guide Max on his first date with the lovely Emily in their growing bonds of relatable love! Make your way through many relatable conversations, and make very relatable choices in how to proceed with your date! Will you be able to land another date with Emily once this is all over, or will you have to endure the incredibly relatable pain of heartbreak? Either way, you will most certainly have a beautiful and unforgettable dating experience; surely, anyone can relate to that?

non-shitposty description: a little quickie that i made with ren'py in about a week while taking a quick break from working on ink spots, mostly as an experiment to see how quickly i could shit out something.  reading through should probably take around 10-20 minutes

contains some coarse language and some violent/horrific imagery. also contains some (fairly brief mentioning of) themes of abuse and mental illness which some may consider triggering, so probs shouldn't play it if yr one of those folks. also may contain flashing images; i ain't epileptic so i obvs can't tell if it's severe or not, but still  please ignore this, the game is 100% okay for all ages and audiences, i pinky promise

thanx fer yr support (maybe)


relatable-dating-sim-windows.zip 76 MB
Version 1 Aug 29, 2018
relatable-dating-sim-osx.zip 59 MB
Version 1 Aug 29, 2018


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Well ! That was FOR SURE a noice quite date !!

I love music we hear from the begenning.. One of my favorite  classical music songs ♥

The artstyle is cartoon-ish, simple and funny. I see how much efford you've put in (searching for) backgrounds xD

The game was funny too. :)  Made me laugh a bit. 

The horror parts were not bad. I wasn't excepting this kind of plot twists... 

thanks! the bait-and-switch horror plot twists occurred cuz i'm tired

so did dumping air on a g-string onto the main menu, but i'm still glad you enjoyed it!


my feelings exactly

Hi! Did download your game and will play it soon.

(1 edit)

werid werid poker face

Gave it a go...

Welp, the game got me immersed yep


This was pretty fun for something you just 'shit' out in a week. Played well and just kept on moving when it got going. Cool game and 'oink oink, bitch'... :)


thanx; i almost tried my best